This Bombshell 1 Minute Speech Left the UN in Silence 

by Phil Schneider

This is a classic speech from Hillel Neuer – not a new one. But it should be mandatory watching for anybody interested in understanding the most basic aspects of the Middle East. Israel is incessantly accused of being an occupier, a colonializer, of committing genocide, a disproportionate warmonger, a racist entity, etc… It is all one big fat lie. But more than it is a lie, all of the accusations are one big coverup of the actual truth. Israel is surrounded by a myriad of countries that are guilty of committing all of the things that Israel is accused of. 

The vast majority of Israelis today have grandparents who were not born in the Land of Israel. Of course, there are those unique families that have been Jerusalemites for 9 or 10 generations. But they are not the norm. Nearly everybody in Israel today has grandparents that came from a whole host of countries in Europe and the Middle East.

Due to the gruesomeness and unfathomable scope of the Holocaust, the terrible things that Jews in Arab Lands endured has been obscured. Throughout the early 20th century, there were a few million Jews who never touched Europe or the United States. They lived in Morocco, Tunisia, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, and Algeria. They always held on strong to their traditions in their exiles and strove to return to the Land of Israel. But in 1948, they did not simply all pick up and move – even if many claim that that is exactly what happened. 

A huge number were kicked out – by the hundreds of thousands. European Jewish refugees after the Holocaust were the main Jewish refugees on the minds of millions. But just a few years later – during and following Israel’s War of Independence, – there were nearly as many Sephardic Jewish refugees who literally came to Israel with a few bags of stuff and nothing else. Their homes in Arab lands were stolen and their businesses were looted. They rebuilt from nearly nothing to what they would become – the future leaders of the State of Israel and the Israel Defense Forces. 

Instead of institutionalizing their refugee status like Arabs have done for decades, Jews from Iran became Israelis. Jews from Iraq, Libya and Egypt became Israelis. The truth is that Israel was largely built by Jews who were kicked out of their countries by antisemites. 

This trend is continuing to this day. Jews from France are moving to Israel in rapid numbers due to the rampant antisemitism. The pogroms that are beginning to spread across England and America will wake up anybody that does not decide to stick their head in the sand. The fate of Jews in the Western exile is fast becoming the fate of Jews from Arab Lands. But the Jews in the West have the opportunity to leave with their bank accounts and savings in tact – if they don’t procrastinate too much.     

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