The Discoveries that Prove that the Exodus from Egypt was Real

by Phil Schneider

The Bible describes the areas where the Jewish People traveled following the Exodus. Much of the story took place in the Sinai desert. Archaeologists have very convincing proof of where the ancient stories took place.

The Splitting of the Sea

The exodus is a powerful and inspirational story of uprising against oppression and of divine intervention. But did it really happen? Can any of the story be substantiated by empirical evidence? Are chariot wheels found on the floor of the red sea that date back to 1400 BCE enough to prove that the red sea actually split. Did the Israelites and the Egyptians actually passed through on dry land as the Bible relates?

The question here is a question of faith as opposed to empirical proof. The Jewish People have lived and died based on their faith throughout the centuries. It is exciting to discover evidence that the splitting of the Red Sea took place. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that faith becomes a thing of the past. On the contrary, in this modern age, faith is something that is near extinction. If you can’t prove it, capture it on film, show the mathematical or physical basis for it, then, it’s not likely that it’s real. Someone who lives with faith, lives in a different realm. Thus, for a religious person, proof of the Bible’s authenticity isn’t necessarily an earth shattering revelation – but more of a point of interest. In Jewish tradition, the Creation of the world shows that there is a Creator and the exodus demonstrates divine intervention, that G-d actually gets involved in what happens in His world. Where does science and archaeology fit in? It is in essence the backdrop for what a person with faith has always believed. But some of it is simply unbelievable. It connects us to the Bible stories like nothing else.

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