The world-wide war against radical Islam begins with these words

by Leah Rosenberg

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks’ speeches are right on point. And this one is no different. If we want to win the world-wide war, we can’t ignore these words.

The World-Wide War

There is a world-wide war that those who are aware and not ignorant are trying to fight. Radical Islam has brought so much violence and death to the world – all in the name of religion, they say. As Rabbi Sacks says, “…in the name of the God of Love and peace and compassion.”

God does not want us to kill innocent people. God does not want Muslims to go around slaughtering those who will not proclaim their allegiance to Islam. It is a sick distortion of the truth.

The World Ignores These Words

Why is it that people ignore these important words? Rabbi Sacks is not alone in speaking the truth. He just speaks it powerfully. Why do so many not care? Not naming the enemy does not make the enemy disappear. It just makes those of us who are aware and brave enough to address the world-wide war that much more alarmed.

Wake up. People are still murdering others in the name of religion. People are still abusing God’s name. The end of the speech brings it all home. Rabbi Sacks says, “I believe that God Himself weeps at the evils being committed in His name.”

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