The video that shames the Left for blaming Trump for antisemitism

by Leah Rosenberg

Blaming Trump for antisemitism in America is possibly one of the most absurd things a person can do – for many reasons. But here is one…

Blaming Trump for Antisemitism

The Left has been trying to pin the hate crimes against Jews on President Donald Trump. Blaming Trump for antisemitism has been their response to the most vicious attacks. They claim it is his fault for creating an environment of hate in the White House.


The opposite is true. He has created more love and acceptance of the Jewish people AND the state of Israel than ANY president beforehand. This video is an example of those who have created more hatred.

Louis Farrakhan and His Posse

Louis Farrakhan is one of the reasons there is Jew-hatred. Oh, and his posse. Did America already forget about Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? They worship a man who calls Jews termites. They idolize a man who exhibits more antisemitism than most people in the world.

But the media somehow whitewashes all of this. They ignore the truth and go with the false narrative that President Trump is at fault. And it is absolutely ridiculous that anyone believes them. But the sad thing is that even people who know the truth refuse to acknowledge it. Instead, they just blame Trump for everything. Even when there is nothing to blame him for, the Left and the media find something. The things for which Trump should be commended for, like fighting antisemitism, they find a way to twist the truth and blame him for it. How irrational is that?

Arab Incitement
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