The Video that Palestinian Arab Leaders Want Deleted from the Internet

by Phil Schneider

Nitsana Darhsan Leitner is at the forefront of the legal battle for he safety and security of the State of Israel. She has steadfastly made it clear via legal battles that she has led that Israel is constantly in the right, and that the pro-terrorist Palestinian Authority not only supports but abets terrorism in the State of Israel.

One of the most important aspects of what she does is that she makes sure that even if the United Nations won’t stand on the side of innocent victims of Ara Terror in the Land of Israel, she wiull. Via her organization, Shurat Hadin, The Israel Law Center, terrorists find themselves being hit hard with lawsuits in courts around the world. They don’t play defense as much as they go on the offense.

They use Western intelligence agencies, and other means to gather information and take the fight to the terrorists via network of volunteer lawyers all around the globe. One of their main accomplishments has been the halting, or at least hindering of money getting into the hands of terrorists through civil suits. The lifeblood of so many terrorists is the money that flows into their bank accounts. This is critical.

The Israel Law Center is one of many amazing organizations that is fighting back and not merely accepting Islamic terrorism as a fait accompli that we must learn to live with.

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