Pakistani Muslim Gunman Holds Hostages in Reform Synagogue for 10 Hours

by Leah Rosenberg

Four hostages were held by a Pakistani Muslim gunman in a Reform Synagogue for hours and hours. Thank G-d this didn’t end in a tragedy.

Reform Synagogue Held Hostage by Pakistani Muslim Gunman

This was an extremely long stand-off, but thank G-d, the hostages were all saved. The only one dead was the gunman himself, a Pakistani Muslim. The gunman walked into the Beth Israel Reform synagogue in Colleyville, Texas on the Sabbath morning. Included in the four hostages was the Rabbi of the synagogue, Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker.

There was a Bar-Mitzvah taking place when the hostage crisis began. The gunman claimed he wanted his terrorist “sister” to be released from an 86 year prison sentence. It was later discovered she was not his blood sister, and she was in prison for multiple things including trying to kill US service members.

The sad irony is that the Rabbi of this synagogue was one of the leaders of the US Reform movement both downplaying the danger of Islamism in America and active against Israel applying sovereignty in our ancestral lands in Judea and Samaria. And now, his place of worship was attacked by the thing that he so strongly claimed is not an issue.

Once again, this proves how trying to appease our enemies not only does not help but makes matters worse.

Hopefully, this will never happen again.

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