The video that explains major disasters that have rocked our world

by Phil Schneider

God runs this world. Or does He? That question is as old as is the world itself. Polytheism is not as popular in the Western world as it is in the East these days. But, for the bulk of the history of the world, there were masses of people who believed in all kinds of forces of nature, and ascribed God-like qualities to the sun, moon, stars, and other things. This was not as absurd as it may seem to us today. After all, the amount of amazing things that happen in nature every now and then are indeed enough to give any reasonable person a pause and ponder moment. If, for example, no human being is able to imagine creating a hurricane, an earthquake, or asteroid show, then it seems very reasonable that other-worldly forces are in play here.

Since we cannot see God, nor receive 100% clear-cut proofs of His existence in this world, atheism continues to exist in this world. But just as there are no atheists in foxholes, there are very few atheists in the midst of Category 5 hurricanes or earthquakes. For the believers in the world, the forces of nature serve as a healthy reminder of who is truly in charge here. The more technological advancements there are in the world, one would think we would be able to understand and deal with the forces of nature. But, in truth, we are just as powerless today as we were before the Industrial Revolution to deal with the destructive impact of a hurricane or an earthquake. Of course, buildings have more impressive engineering than they did 100 years ago, but earthquakes don’t only impact buildings. And, big buildings are indeed vulnerable to a massive earthquake – even today in the Western world. Otherwise, we wold have no need for earthquake insurance.

God seems to have built in to the world a sort of reminder system, one that doesn’t allow the world to last for more than a decade or two without a massive reminder of Who is in charge. For the believers, this should be viewed as a welcome reminder. For the non-believer, this should serve as a big question mark.

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