The UN is Horrified This Video Got Out

by Phil Schneider

US tax dollars go towards all kinds of ridiculous things. They go towards climate change initiatives that destroy job production and energy independence to pork-barrel subsidies that are “tossed in” in order to preserve Congressional dominance by one party. But the real travesty are the hundreds of millions of dollars that are used to support initiatives run by the kleptocracy called the Palestinian Authority. The main issue is not that so little of the massive amount of money actually reach the masses they are intended for. The real problem is that these funds are used to educate young children to become terrorists in the near future.

Here is a link to research that uncovers different educational programs Arab Muslim children in Judea, Samaria and Gaza are taught with international funding.

Children who grow up to be terrorists under the “Palestinian Authority” are not the exception to the rule. They are the norm. A “normal” child that grows up in a UN funded refugee camp is taught to look up to the Arab martyrs who killed Jews. Killing Jews is good. Not killing Jews is bad. It is pure anti-Jewish hatred from the cradle. Evil schools and evil in the summer camps.

Any serious talk about peace in the Middle East must bypass any form of working WITH the Palestinian Authority. They must be bypassed completely. Israel and the rest of the freedom-loving world must make a well-funded plan to penetrate – in Arabic – the cell phones of the young Arab generation with messages that appeal to every child’s natural inclination to want to be happy, rich, and successful. Arab speaking role models – whether it be sports figures, entertainment icons, or young rich tycoons need to be front and center in the effort to teach Arab children all over the world – by the millions – to be selfish.

When Arab children want to be rich, successful, and happy more than they want to be angry killers that end up in prison or worse, there will be hope for a more positive future. This is what has occurred in UAE and Bahrain. These countries are not filled with love for the Jewish people nor the Land of Israel. They simply prefer to be rich, successful and happy than angry and filled with hatred.

The UN promotes – through massive funding – pure hatred of the Jewish people. A massive shift is needed if there will hope for a peaceful future between Arabs and Jews in the State of Israel.

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