The UN is forcing “Palestinian” children to become terrorists

by Leah Rosenberg

The UN should be ashamed of themselves. What they are allowing to happen to Jews, to “Palestinian” children, to the Middle East – horrific.

The UN is a Fail

What is the goal of the UN? One of the missions of the UN, according to their website, is “the maintenance of international peace and security.” Does inciting violence in “Palestinian” schools maintain peace and security for the Jewish people?

No. It causes “Palestinians” to try to murder innocent Jews.

They also claim to protect human rights. Have they done that? Well, it is most definitely a violation of human rights to promote terrorism and teach children to hate.

The UN is one big fail. Their agencies should be embarrassed. Promoting terrorism against the Jewish people and Israel while simultaneously claiming that Israel violates human rights is hypocritical and immoral. It is absurd. It is a slap in the face to those who actually try to protect human rights and bring peace to the world.

The Next Generation

Can we expect the next generation of “Palestinian” children to love Jews if they are constantly being told to hate? Can we expect them to search for the truth if they are constantly being fed lies by those they trust?

Yes, some will come out of the education system realizing that everything they have been taught is a lie. Some will befriend the Jewish people instead of harming them. But many won’t. And the United Nations is guilty of allowing that. Something has got to change. Otherwise, the UN should change their mission statement. Because what they claim to do is just not true.

Israel Memorial Day
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