The Truth About Israel & Peace from One of the Best

by Avi Abelow

Moshe Arens was one of the most successful Defense Ministers Israel ever had. He also served as Israel’s Foreign Minister and is also responsible for recruiting citizen Benjamin Netanyahu into politics. Arens was a mentor to Bibi. He speaks the truth abuot potential peace with such clarity, it is a pleasure to hear. He just passed away on January 7th at the age of 94.

Two Truths

Moshe Arens states two basic truths that most people prefer to ignore.

First of all, he is quite clear in addressing the basic issue that must always be mentioned. The biblical land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people. The history of the Jewish people took place in Judea and Samaria. Of course it belongs to the Jewish people. The fact that people, including many Jews, prefer to ignore this basic fact is incredibly stupid.

The DNA of our identity as a people, that should be part of the personal identity of every Jew, comes from Judea & Samaria. It is unfathomable that so many people ignore this basic fact. It is even more unfathomable that the official State of Israel has ignored raising this point in 20 years of negotiations. There is nothing wrong with negotiations. But it is very wrong to not stand up on principal for what is yours.

Aren’s second point then touches upon the practical geo-political situation of the Middle East. Again, he is quite clear in expressing that the Arab Muslim Middle East is a region of extremists. Israel must not give away land that will be filled by extremists and terrorists that will endanger Israel.

Israel gave away the Gaza strip and all we got in return was tens of thousands of rockets, terror tunnels and all sorts of daily terror against us. The Muslims in Gaza could have used Gaza to prove to the world that they can self-rule and develop a functioning society that benefits its residents and lives peacefully with Israel. Instead they turned it into a terror haven!

That is exactly what would happen with Judea and Samaria if Israel leaves Judea and Samaria and hands it over to the Muslims. Giving away land is not the solution for peace, it is the solution for further war and bloodshed. Believe it or not, Israel’s best bet to bring peace is to hold on to as much land as possible and never consider giving it away.

Truth about “Palestine”

The whole cause called palestine has nothing to do with a concern for a people called “palestinians”. If so, there would be an outcry against the horrible persecution and discrimination and deaths of those “palestinian” Arabs in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan etc. Yet, the world is silent, even when they are massacred in the thousands in Syria. No, the world is only vocal about the “palestinians” when Israel can be blamed.

The truth is that the whole cause called “palestine” is about destroying Israel and murdering Jews.

There is no historical people called palestinians. It was a name created by the Romans after they destroyed the Jewish Kingdom of Judea. As Rome wanted to wipe the name of Judea, and the Jewish people, from the history books. So the first “palestinians” were actually Jews because we lived here when the Romans introduced the name “palestine”.

Regardless, those who self-identify as palestinians today have no history as a people in our homeland. They can not name one “palestinian leader or cultural icon from the 17th century, 18th, century or even 19th century. Because there was no historic people called “palestinians“.

Only during the British Mandate of Palestine were passports issued to all residents of the geographic area called Palestine, and Jews, Christians and Muslims were all called “Palestinians”!

Truth Will Bring True Peace

Peace will only come when the truth is acknowledged that a bunch of Arab Muslims have been abused as pawns by the Arab Muslim world, together with willing Westerners, to try to destroy the Jewish state of Israel.

Arens on the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

I was privileged to interview Moshe Arens a number of years ago about his book on the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising called “Flags Over the Warsaw Ghetto”. It is a must read book that sheds light on previously undocumented people and events central to the famed Warsaw ghetto uprising. This book was important to Arens because it pained him that history was written ignoring these critical aspects about the famed Jewish uprising against the Nazis.

Arab Incitement
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