The threats Jewish students face on American college campuses

by Leah Rosenberg

Are American college campuses no longer safe for Jews? Why should such young adults need to face antisemitism when all they want to do is acquire knowledge?

American College Campuses

American college campuses have become a platform for antisemitism. Jewish students are being targeted constantly. Entire student-led organizations are threatening their peers. Even professors are antisemitic! College should be an opportunity to learn and grow. No one should have to feel discriminated against. Yet sadly, the Jews are once again being targeted. Big universities, small universities – it doesn’t matter. The antisemites make themselves known.

Elisa Ceasar’s story is just one story. She was brave enough to share her experience. Can you imagine that there are so many more Jews going through the exact same thing?

Antisemites Have Ruined Campuses

The antisemites have destroyed the purpose of a university and a college campus. They ruined the chance for everyone to just learn for the sake of learning and gain knowledge to grow in life. They took a platform of learning and growth and turned it into a threatening environment.

These antisemites claim that they are not against the Jewish people but just against the state of Israel. Those excuses should not be bought by anyone. It is just modern antisemitism, and it must be stopped. Enough of the hate, discrimination, and antisemitism. Not just on college campuses, but everywhere!

Blood Libel
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