Sweden’s Tolerance of Muslim Antisemitism is Decimating the Jewish Community

by Phil Schneider

Sweden is one of many experiments of the European Union. But it is probably one of the clearest experiments that have failed miserably. The Swedish people have showered their Muslim immigrants with all kinds of open arms and benefits. They have been rewarded with rape, crime, and no-go zones. This is one of many examples of what has occurred to the formerly placid Sweden.

Sweden and many other parts of the European Union did not anticipate that by opening up all of their borders to one another, they were basically opening up their countries to be overrun by problematic elements down the line. This was called scaremongering when the opposition labeled the idea of a European Union dangerous. But indeed, it was a complicated idea to implement and nearly impossible to succeed with.

Malmo is Sweden’s infamous no-go zone. It should serve as a warning for all who don’t believe that unbridled immigration is fraught with danger. Of course, not all immigration is bad. Of course, the United States is largely the superpower that it is today because of successful waves of immigration. But the main difference is that in the 19th and early 20th century, the waves of immigration to the West were based on attempts to build a new way of life and to run away from the old way of life. Today, much of the Muslim immigration from the Middle East into Europe and the West is based on an attempt to spread the ideology of Islam. They may be running away from the dangers in their countries, but they have absolutely no intention to assimilate into the cultures that they are moving into. On the contrary, they are looking to dominate the cultures they are moving into. Islamic immigration is not the same as Italian or German or Russian immigration in the previous centuries. If it is not somehow controlled, then it will literally overtake countries.

Col. Kemp

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