The ‘son of Hamas’ just gave a speech that will completely shock you

by Phil Schneider

This personality is one in a million. It seems too crazy to be true. Some people even think it’s not true. But, it seems that he is indeed the real thing. He seems to have renounced his former religion and has now adopted a completely different lifestyle.
This “son of Hamas” speech will knock your socks off. He doesn’t pull punches and even criticizes his own parents. He doesn’t mince words. There is nothing politically correct about what he says. It is just downright riveting.

The Ideology of Hamas

The most powerful line of this speech is the one where he says that the state of mind of so many Arabs today is still deep in the same mindset of the 6th or 7th century. This is a heavy blow. It is unfortunately very accurate. He explains that all of humanity is under attack by the Muslim belief system. He says that we have to fight an ideological battle – just as he has done with his life.

He is a living example of the fact that anybody can overcome the norms of their upbringing and serve as role models for a new and free world. The most controversial issue is that he fights against the words that Islam is a “religion of peace.” He claims that the battle is indeed against that exact concept. The issue is indeed the Islamic religion’s battle against the norms of the Western world.

He left Islam and switched to Christianity, and now fights against the BDS movement as a group of hypocrites. If he is indeed the real thing and not a great actor, then he is a public relations goldmine for the State of Israel. His message is a breath of fresh air.

Arab Incitement
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