The Secret to Solving the US Border Crisis that Biden Won’t Tell You

by Phil Schneider

Is it really such a big deal that the administration has allowed such mass immigration to take place over the last two years? Well, yes, it is. But it didn’t need to be like this. Mass immigration has historically brought tremendous blessing to the United States – most of the time.

The problem is that today’s situation is nothing like it ever was in the past. Today, the immigration is just as much about people smuggling in drugs as much as it is about people looking for a better life and run away from where they used to live.

First of all, it is very important to note that the masses of people who are risking their lives to come to the United States are running away from tyranny and corruption. With all of the problems and challenges that the United States faces today, it is still far and away the best country for nearly anybody to live in due to the freedoms that we have in the United States.

The main issue is that with all instances of mass immigration, there are the rotten apples that do more good than 50 good immigrants. It is not about illnesses that people bring with them. It is about the spiraling fentanyl epidemic that is already affecting millions of Americans. Nearly everyone who is homeless today has been negatively affected by drug related addiction.

Families looking to immigrated should not have to sneak in. They should and are able to apply legally to come in to the United States today. The problem is that so many States basically have stopped giving any incentive to immigrants to legally immigrate. In NYC, non-immigrants are being allowed to vote. So, why immigrate. It’s better to be illegal, get medical care and housing and not have to deal with the annoyance of taxes and the federal government. The mistake of unbridled immigration is presently ripping apart European countries at the seams. It is now starting to happen in the USA. It is not too late to stem the tide. But soon it will be.

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