Jewish Rapper Gives Message of “Hope” in a Must-Hear Song

by Leah Rosenberg

It is unique to be a Jewish rapper who wants to give positive messages about G-d and religion. This rap song is definitely catchy.

Jewish Rapper Gives Message of “Hope”

This rap song has a very appropriate name. The Jewish rapper here is singing about hope. There is the hope of a nation, but there is also the hope of every person on an individual level. We need to be able to connect to both. We need both of these aspects in our lives. Otherwise, how would we get through the challenging times?

On a personal level, we are filled with a hope. We can’t live without it. Sometimes, things are hard. Life is filled with ups and downs. But we must hang onto the knowledge that things will get better. When we feel distant from G-d, we have to continue yearning for Him and pray that he brings us close to Him. Every person gets a little lost sometimes in different ways. But we all have the opportunity to return to G-d.

And on a national level, we have hoped for thousands of years to return to our homeland Israel and to G-d. We pray that G-d will always protect us from those who want to destroy us both physically and spiritually. There is a reason the Israeli anthem is called “Hatikvah” or “The Hope.” The Jewish people have held on to hope since the beginning of time. It’s a type of hope that reassures and reminds us that things will get better. The Messiah will come. The world will recognize G-d’s greatness and stop fighting against Him. We will continue to hope and pray until that time comes.

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