The secret to how the Iron Dome has kept millions of Israelis safe

by Leah Rosenberg

Do you know how the Iron Dome operates? How those who man this piece of technology are tasked with keeping Israelis safe?

How the Iron Dome Works

The Iron Dome is a miraculous device. Of course, G-d controls everything and makes it work properly. We cannot acknowledge the success of Israel and its technology without G-d.

When you learn about the Iron Dome and how it functions, it is truly amazing. Israel hopefully won’t even need defense technology like this soon, but because Israel’s neighbors still want it wiped off the map, Israel must defend itself. Although this video is short, it teaches the way this remarkable technology works. Millions of Israelis have been protected because of this device. It has been 10 years since the Iron Dome’s first launch. And hopefully, the next 10 years will bring more peace.

What many people might not realize is that the IDF soldiers manning this machinery need to launch their own missile to intercept the missile of Israel’s enemies. They have a crucial job, and they are responsible for keeping Israelis safe. It is not just the machinery that is automatic. There are heroes behind the Iron Dome.

Being Thankful For This Incredible Machinery

Although we all wish that Israel wouldn’t need to have this type of defense system in place, we all need to be thankful to G-d for it. Imagine how many more Israeli deaths there would be without a system like this in place. No one wants to imagine that.

The Iron Dome says a lot about Israel. It shows that Israel values life. Israel does everything possible to develop technology that can save more lives. And that is in stark contrast to its enemies. Israel’s enemies use human shields. They don’t care about life.

And that difference makes all the difference.

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