The secret of the Jews that will blow your mind

by Leah Rosenberg

How the Jews have survived throughout the centuries is truly miraculous. It is G-dly. Here is the secret to Jewish survival.

G-d has kept His promise to The Jews

The only way the Jews could have survived throughout all the persecutions, genocides, and hate is because G-d has kept His promise.

And the Jews have kept their faith in G-d. There is a unique relationship between G-d and the Jewish nation.

While the world watches and listens, and antithetically even more so when it doesn’t, the Nation of Israel thinks of new ideas, acts with purpose and meaning, and moves against the stream of humanity to make the world a more humane, more productive, more believing place. They do not just settle for satisfactory. The Jewish nation strives to reach the top. If you did not know the Jews still existed but just heard their story, you would deem it impossible for that nation to still be around. And to be thriving? Unimaginable!

The strong will and ambitions of the Jewish People to survive come from its divine mission in the world. It sounds preposterous, but if you watch the video, you’ll understand how Jewish survival is, in fact, a supernatural phenomenon.

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