The Scam That has the Democrats’ Name Written All Over it

by Phil Schneider

The Democrat Party represents a very small part of the geography of the United States. However, nearly half of the population of the United States lives in or near the major cities on the east and left coasts. That is where the strongholds of the Democrat Party are located. That is where a lot of the money and influence lies. As the cities and suburbs around the cities become more progressive, so goes the Democrat Party.

The main reason that the Democrat Party is able to keep such a strong hold on the minds of young people is due to the dominance of the Democrat Party in colleges across the United States and across social media. Most of the time of young people, between the ages of 18-25 is spent on college campuses and/or social media.

Progressive professors today are grown up sixties children who’s ideas on progress are all about American non-exceptionalism and listening to one’s feelings. Facts and responsibilities are not in style these days.

The young minds of today absorb an enormous number of short video clips on social media every day, via TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Progressive values pervade these platforms. It is in style today to do that which one feels like doing, not do that which is right. The Democrat Party has become the party that represents the feelings of young people.

But aren’t the feelings of young people important? Well, yes. But the feelings of young people cannot turn men into women or vice versa. The entire transgender lie is exactly that – a lie. The entire anti-Israel narrative is based on lies. But the Democrat Party stands for whatever is in style – even if it is divorced from reality.

The cryptocurrency collapse may be part of a conspiracy of silence that was indeed deeply connected to the Democrat Party. Or it may not have been. But big tech and big money promoting big tech and progressive values certainly are comfortable in the world of Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

The new joker in the mix is the new Elon Musk owned Twitter. After years of progressive dominance in these “free speech” platforms that cancelled the speech of those it disagreed with, Elon Musk has just changed the rules of the game. But much credit should be given to Donald Trump for establishing Truth Social as an alternative. Additionally, Rumble has not made a big dent as of yet. But it has major promise to become a constantly growing alternative to YouTube.

One lesson to learn from the fall of this crypto giant is to be careful who one invests with. There is a lot of hot air out there – especially if it is connected to the Democrat Party.

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