See Why Jordan Peterson’s Israel Speech got a Standing Ovation

by Leah Rosenberg

To give an Israel speech, a person has to understand the Jewish people and state in order to have an impact on those listening.

Powerful Israel Speech

This Israel speech is inspiring. Jordan Peterson got emotional because he understands the importance of the Jewish people and Israel. He recognizes that the role of the Jewish people matters and that the Jewish state is crucial for the world to exist. There is a reason the crowd was roaring with applause after.

What is sad is that some Jews do not see what Peterson sees about Israel – the one and only Jewish state. Some Jews do not realize what the Jewish people and their state represent and how impactful they are on the world. Israel is remarkable and the Jewish people are remarkable.

G-d’s Bible brought into the world a moral code. The Jews as a whole are a moral people. The Jewish state is a moral state. Israel is a democracy. Israel is a country that holds its soldiers to a moral standard. Sadly, it is not a given that every country and army is so moral. We have seen too often what it looks like when a country is so immoral – take a look at Israel’s enemies. Take a look at all the countries that surround the Jewish state.

Israel is unique and special. The Jewish people are unique and special. Jordan Peterson can see it – can more Jewish people throughout Israel and the world be willing to open their eyes and see it as well?

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