The reason Democrats are trying to abolish the Electoral College

by Phil Schneider

The Electoral College is a brilliant part of the system of government of the United States. The point of abolishing the electoral college is for the Democratic Party to take over the country – once and for all. If the electoral college is lost, then the Democratic Party will change the rules in such a way that their dominance will be permanent. So argues Mark Levin. He has a point, and it is rather scary.

The truth is that even if Democrats do try to abolish the electoral college and pack the Supreme Court, they will fail. The country is indeed not yet ready to jump over the edge as Mark Levin argues. The Democratic Party is going far-left and deep into the land of progressive and socialist thought. But, that is not true about the entire party. The Democratic Party has many reasonable members in the House and the Senate, and they will simply not vote to pack the court or to change the electoral college. They are Senators and Representatives of smaller States or States with smaller populations. They understand well that a decision to drop the idea of the electoral college is a decision to place all of the power in the big cities across the USA.

This will not happen in the short-term future. But the scary thing is that this idea is even being thrown around as a reasonable idea. The most important reason to be optimistic is that the United States has built-in checks and balances. The most important reason to be pessimistic is that so many of the cities of the United States are losing control of law and order – from the top down and the bottom up.

There is indeed much to be concerned about. But it is not as urgent as some argue. Even if Joe Biden does end up as the President, the sky will not fall the day after. Many warned like that after Obama was elected and then reelected. Those overstatements turned out to be fear mongering.

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