Dominion Voting Systems “Lawyers Up” and Cancels Public Hearing In Pennsylvania

by Micha Gefen

While the tumult continues over Sydney Powell’s non-official involvement in the Trump campaign’s election legal fight, Pennsylvania State legislators were meant to hold an open discussion with Dominion Voting Systems. Yet, the evening before, the company told State Govt. Chair Seth Grove that they were not showing up. More than this – they decided to lawyer up.

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Whether Powell’s accusations should be taken at face value is one thing, but perhaps there is really something to what she is saying. After all, if there was nothing to hide, why does Dominion Voting Systems have to “lawyer up.”

The reality is that what we are witnessing is a fast moving train wreck for the USA, as all this is now spilling out before the electoral college meets in Dec. No one expects that a final adjudication can be made with the time left, but what is coming out will have an effect on the Georgia runoffs and beyond.

Between the voting irregularities found across multiple states, Dominion Voting Systems failure to show up to a PA committee meeting, and potential Supreme Court challenges, President Trump’s show down with the Biden team is heading into the final stretch.

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