The phone call between a Saudi blogger and PM Netanyahu

by Phil Schneider

Israel needs all it’s friends it can get in the dangerous region that we live in. Especially – if it’s a Saudi Arabian who is pro-Israel. Who understands this more than Prime Minister Netanyahu. He has spent the bulk of his time over the last two decades making sure that Israel is not sidelined, but at the forefront of leading the war against radical Islam – and especially Iran.

The most important allies that a country can have are often the one’s that are the least expected. But, there are probably many tens of thousands of young people in Saudi Arabia and around the world who listen to the Saudi blogger. The main war for supporting or criticizing the State of Israel is not on the battlefront. It is on the web – on the internet – on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

The older generation of Arabs in the Middle East are probably not reachable. But the younger generation is today. Any young person today with internet can be exposed to opinions that are 100% opposite of the way they were raised. If the arguments are convincing enough, they may just puncture some of the previous long-standing ideas. The Saudi Arabian blogger gets this, and he is good. He deserves all of the praise and viewership that we can offer.

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