The perfect response to those who question Trump’s Jerusalem move

by Phil Schneider

The historic move by President Trump to move the embassy to Jerusalem was bold. Yes, every President over the last few decades declared that they wanted to move the embassy. Yes, it was a move that had alot of Congressional support too. However, nobody dared to do it until President Trump. It must be said – this move took guts to do. It was typical Donald Trump – the good side of Donald Trump. It declared that I am going to do what I think is right even if everybody tells me the timing is wrong, or other excuses.

Time to Do What’s Right

There is a time when the United States should have recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. That time was 1949. However, the United States, under the leadership of Harry S. Truman had already made the bold move a short while earlier in 1948 – of recognizing the Jewish State when it was declared. The Jerusalem issue was the minor story, and there was no major call for international recognition of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Jewish people. Even Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion had been willing to accept a Jewish State with Jerusalem as an internationalized city. That was before all of the Arab states invaded the brand new country.

Once it was pushed off the itinerary, the Jerusalem as capital of the State question got pushed aside for nearly 40 years. It became an issue that was discussed for around 30 years. But, nobody took the big step until President Trump.

I have no doubt that many historians will look down on this move as one of the best things that President Trump did in the early stages of his Presidency.

Roe vs. Wade

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