The other pandemic that is spreading like wildfire

by Phil Schneider

There are certain things that are guarantees in the history of mankind. One of them is the reemergence of anti-semitism whenever and wherever there is suffering of any kind. It doesn’t matter what the issue is. If there is suffering – even in places where no Jews live, there will be those who will blame the Jewish people as the source of their suffering. This occurred in Poland in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Barely and Jews were still there, but anti-semitism was alive and well there.

There has never been a major calamity in the world that has skipped over the “blame the Jews” phenomenon. This is a knee-jerk reaction for some, and a well thought out phenomenon with supposed logical basis for others. But it has never been a fringe phenomenon like many think. It has been widespread among nearly every country, race, and nationality. The exceptions have been the non-anti-semites. The United States actually has a much better record than nearly every other country on this matter. Will this continue into the future? Probably not.

Is there solid basis for blaming the Jews for the bad things that occur? Weren’t many of the leaders of the Communist revolution Jewish people? And haven’t many of the leading Capitalists of the world been Jewish people? And what about Hollywood – Aren’t Jews disproportionately represented there? The answer is yes, yes and yes. There have been prominent Jews at the very highest levels of leadership of the Communist movement. And there have been and continue to this day to be many leading Jewish Capitalists who are Jewish. And Hollywood is indeed filled with many Jewish people at all levels. And the leaders of many of the greatest wonderful colleges and organizations in the world are Jews. And Marc Zuckerberg and the heads of Google are Jewish. And the heads of many other hi-tech companies in the world are Jewish. And many of the leaders of the civil rights movement were Jewish. The point is that the Jewish people are truly an exceptional people – but in a hundred ways. They don’t dominate in one specific way. They simply are God’s Chosen People and many choose to act that way – with a strong internal drive to bring goodness to the world. That may explain some of the amazing accomplishments of the Jewish people.

But sadly, many Jewish people today have nearly no connection to their Jewish heritage. To them, their Judaism is a mere mix of a weak connection to tradition and a bit of family lore. The Jewish people indeed have much to be proud of today. But if they hope to run away from the age-old scourge of the world – anti-Jewish sentiment – they will find that that is like running away from a hurricane about to make landfall. One cannot fight it without deep roots. But if one is deeply rooted in Jewish tradition and observance, then even major waves of anti-semitism will not move them.

Today, this can only happen in the Land of Israel. Anti-Semitism is clearly on the rise across the United States. It may ebb for a bit, but it will only grow with time. If there was no coronavirus based anti-semitism, it would be Harvey Weinstein-inspired anti-semitism or George Soros-based anti-semitism or whatever excuse-based anti-semitism. There is only one true solution. A strong Jewish-filled State of Israel that fights off worldwide anti-semitism as a proud and healthy nation that serves as a light unto the nations.

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