Will Sovereignty Lead To War?

by Micha Gefen

Multiple sources indicate that the “Palestinian” Arabs in Judea and Samaria appear to be preparing for a third intifada if Israel extends its sovereignty over areas of its Biblical Heartland.

Those in the know indicate that the Palestinian Authority has already begin destroying confidential documents in fear that Israel will raid its offices the moment an uprising should start.

While this sort of violence is not a foregone conclusion, the IDF remains prepared for the possibility that the PA may just opt for a real uprising.

One State Solution Coming?

Meanwhile, leading politicians in the UAE have already stated that if there is an extension of sovereignty they will push for a one-state solution that incorporates the idea of a bi-national state.

While a one-state solution wouldn’t be that bad, a bi-national one would end the Jewish State. Of course, the UAE understands that making Gaza Palestine would allow Israel to extend sovereignty to Judea and Samaria without losing its Jewish majority.

Whatever the outcome, July 1st promises to be the beginning of a new type of regional chaos.

Dr. Risch

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