The organization that has destroyed “Palestinian” children’s lives

by Leah Rosenberg

Here you have it – the truth about UNRWA. Another major United Nations fail. It is not only that this organization doesn’t help, but it incites violence.

תיעוד מתוך בתי הספר של אונר”א

השבוע נפתחו בעזה שערי בתי הספר של אונר”א (בקרוב נציג בפניכם את התיעוד מהשטח). בינתיים, הנה טעימה מהתיעוד שלנו בפעם הקודמת

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UNRWA is Bad for Everyone

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for “Palestine” Refugees in the Near East, or UNRWA, has ruined the lives of “Palestinian” Arab children. Not only are they harming Israelis by inciting violence and perpetuating lies against the Jewish nation, but they are harming the chances for these children to live productive lives.

The textbooks. The schools. All the lies. A United Nations agency is actually responsible for murder of Jews as well as creating a culture among “Palestinians” that will only do harm.

It is all child abuse. Having children pretend to be terrorists and teaching them how to murder Israelis is definitely not what children should be spending their time doing.

And feeding them lie after lie is harmful to their futures.

The Truth

And what’s the truth? Israel belongs to the Jewish people. G-d gave the Jews the land. Check the Bible. Not a believer? Okay. Do you also not believe history? Archaeology? Tangible proof that you can hold in your hands?

The Jews did not steal their own homeland. That is a fact.

As a side note, despite what many activists want you to believe, Israel allows Arabs to live in Israel, assuming they are law-abiding citizens and not terrorists. It is the ARAB countries who do not allow Jews. It is the ARAB countries who expelled Jews after Israel declared independence.

It is amazing what people can believe these days that is so false, and it is amazing what they can deny that is so true. Everything is backward. Everything is twisted.

And UNRWA is definitely not helping solve anyone’s problems.

Motivation for Terror
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