The organization that changes the lives of families affected by cancer

by Phil Schneider

The family values of Jeremy’s Circle are exactly right.  This powerful organization is an excellent example of a positive response to an impossible situation.

Jeremy Coleman basically had the perfect life in so many ways, until one day, a dark cloud of cancer entered his life.  Though so many people survive the illness today, the battle takes a hefty toll on the family.  Jeremy, a man with a huge heart, despite his illness was very focused on others – especially his family.

Friends and Family

Of course, it is natural for family to come and step up whenever a tragedy hits a family member.  However, friends have a vital role to play – especially friends of the children.

The battle that children of someone suffering from cancer deal with is often overlooked.

What Jeremy’s Circle understands is that this critical detail is what often makes the world of a difference for the children.  This is the way they describe it:  “The organization was inspired by the friends and family that embraced Jeremy’s kids – taking them out for hikes, sleepovers, movies and barbecues – when he was in treatment.”

When the going gets tough

How many people can both battle death and set up an organization at the same time?  That is what Jeremy did.  The vision and structure of the organization were his brainchild in the very last months of his life.

This bittersweet story of his life has a beautiful ending – one that will inspire many to acts of loving-kindness in the spirit of Jeremy.

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