This Hasid’s rendition of Simon and Garfunkel will blow you away

by Leah Rosenberg

Shulem Lemmer is a Hasid with a voice that is clearly Heaven-sent. And when you hear him sing Simon and Garfunkel, you’ll be blown away by his talent.

Shulem Lemmer

Shulem Lemmer comes from a sect of Hasidim known as Belz. It might be surprising, but Lemmer is able to balance his music life while staying true to his religious life. And it is absolutely amazing to see. Religion is so important to him and so is his music.

Lemmer even signed a major record deal. When you hear his flawless voice, it is impossible not to get drawn in. He has accomplished other things as well, including singing the National Anthem at a San Francisco Giant’s game.

He seems to be grabbing more and more people’s attention.

Simon and Garfunkel

The Belzer Hasid is brave enough to take on big names. He has sang songs from famous and popular singers, including Simon and Garfunkel. Listening to him sing “Bridge Over Troubled Water” will bring you to tears. There is something very meaningful about this Hasid’s voice. Not everyone can do what Lemmer can do.

Music is Powerful

Music is so powerful. It really has the ability to break down all barriers. People of all different backgrounds can connect through music.

How often do you hear a Hasid singing Simon and Garfunkel and connecting religion and music in such an intense way?

Shulem Lemmer really leaves you wanting to hear more of his talent. When he sings, everyone seems to listen.

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