English justice system has gone mad as Britain’s “most dangerous” extremist freed from prison

by Leah Rosenberg

Who are the most dangerous people in England?  Anjem Choudry does not hide his opinions, and smiles when he discusses Shariah Law.  Should he be able to spout his opinions?  What are the boundaries of free speech that should exist in the Western World?   

Shutting Mouths is a Dangerous Thing

It is very easy to say that all people who are a threat should not be allowed to speak their minds.  But that is actually a very dangerous thought.  In today’s day and age, it is probably better to expose the opinions of dangerous people than to shut them up.

However, if there are no limits to hate speech at all, it will get very dangerous very fast.  One will find that the neo-Nazis and radical Islamic terrorists will call for Shariah Law and the take over of countries.  So, there is a slippery slope situation.  Either, there are no limits and the truly dangerous people can build more and more of a base.  Or, some limits are placed on free speech and “thought police” take advantage of the situation to shut mouths of their opponents.  So where is the happy medium?

Happy Medium

It seems to me that the line that ought to be drawn should be based on one criteria.  Do people make clear calls for violence?  If the answer is yes, then they need to be treated as a threat and danger to everyone.  If not, they should be allowed to speak their minds.  This is not a perfect solution.  But, there is probably no better option in today’s day and age to allow a range of ideas and keep our world safe.


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