The Muslim who Loves King David’s Jerusalem more than the Jew

by Avi Abelow

It might be hard to imagine, but in the following videos we meet a Muslim in Bahrain who is seemingly more connected to Jerusalem than the Israeli journalist who interviews him. While the journalist pushes the Muslim about visiting Tel Aviv, it is the Muslim who not only expresses his love and excitement for Jerusalem, but he also makes sure to call it King David’s Jerusalem! If only more Jews, in Israel and abroad, would feel such a connection to our historic capital city as this Muslim!

This is huge story because it highlights two exceedingly important points.

Point number one: Not all Muslims hate Israel or Jews. There are plenty of Muslims who respect Jews and accept our heritage and connection to our ancestral homeland, Israel.

Point number two: Not all Jews, or even Israeli Jews, have a strong Jewish identity. There are plenty of Jews who know they are Jews but have a very weak connection to our heritage and our ancestral homeland. Yes, this happens even to some Jews who live in Israel.

The following are simple facts that even many Jews prefer to deny.

  1. We are called Jews because we are from Judea. Yes, Judea, the land that the world likes to call the “West Bank” and say that Jews have no right to live there.
  2. The Jewish connection to the land of Israel and Zionism go back to the Bible, where Jerusalem is called Zion. Zionism is also a political movement that was started in the late 19th century, but it was called Zionism because of the Jews eternal connection to Jerusalem, aka Zion. Our connection to Jerusalem is eternal, and Jews should be inspired and excited about our eternal and undivided capital city.

Our goal at 12Tribe Films and is to inspire Jews to strengthen their Jewish identity by sharing them the truth about our heritage and our ancestral homeland.

We want Jews around the world to be proud Jews. Proud of their 3,000+-year-old heritage. Proud of our ancestral homeland. And proud to be part of a miraculous people that have returned from 2,000+ years of exile to return and be sovereign in our ancestral homeland. The Jews are the envy of every indigenous people in the world, yet many Jews still ignore their true Jewish identity and seperate themselves from their own people and their own homeland. Instead, they should feel pride in being part of the Jewish people and pride in their ancestral homeland, the miraculous modern State of Israel.

While Israel and the Jewish people are not perfect, as no country or people, we have so much to be proud about and work together to make the world a better place.

Instead, however, many Jews today have a weak to non-existent Jewish identity, and they prefer to distance themselves from their own people and their own homeland, with some even turning into some of the biggest activists acting against their own people and their own homeland.

The Interview (in Hebrew)

We do not know the interviewer personally or her views. It could be that she has a very strong Jewish identity and a very strong connection to Jerusalem. The lesson in this post might not apply to her, but to many Jews in Israel and abroad. Our goal is to reach those Jews and wake them up to strengthen their Jewish identity and their connection to the land of Israel.

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