The Most Important Jordan Peterson Video about Women in the 20th Century

by Avi Abelow

Jordan Peterson kills it with this video, breaking down the modern myths about women and highlighting the true values of life that the left has destroyed for modern women. Using his empirical data and sound logic Peterson explains the unbelievable challenges that modern women face today, and kills the argument that it has anything to do with unequality.

Why is This Video So Important

Peterson expands upon the true values of life, that are so very important to the Jewish people as well – family. Women are central to families. They are the ones who give birth to the children. Modernity has been harsh to women, because it has deprioritized the importance of having children and establishing fulfilling family lives.

Peterson breaks down the argument of a glass ceiling for women in the professional world. He dismisses the argument that a group of “patriarchal men” decide to keep women down. Rather it is the reality of life as a woman. He pushes further arguing why women even want to be as crazy as men to work so hard? For people who work hard, work overtakes their lives, totally destroying the ability to properly live a life focused on a fulfilling family with children.

Peterson’s video presentation is brilliant.

The Pill Changed Everything

Peterson explains how the pill made women’s situation worse, not better. Marriage used to protect women. Today mostly only rich people get married. What stops lower income women from getting married, is not having a need to get married, because of the pill. The female as gatekeeper for sex and children was a protector of women, but that gate no longer exists with women today taking the pill. While more opportunities have opened up for women, with more equality and life choices, it has also brought upon many more challenges. Not because of “inequality” or a “patriarchy” but because of the realities of life. Peterson has a very unique perspective on this that is rarely heard, but it should be heard.

Family is Everything

Living life without family is not for everyone. Peterson brings up the women lawyer who makes partner at 30 but then decides to leave the practice because she realizes that if she continues to work 80 hour work weeks, she will be alone for the rest of her life. So many women then stop the professional rat-race to the top in order to also prioritize family, before it is too late. It’s a mind change to understand that while work and career fulfillment is important, it is not necessarily more important than having a fulfilling family life.

Bottom Line

Modernity has created more challenges for women. Challenges aren’t always negative but they should be met with the right perspective. It is not the existence of gender inequality that has created this reality, but the exact opposite, the improvement of equality between the genders.

Women can and do reach top professional goals. The mistake is thinking that women and men are the same. They are not. It is not an insult to understand that a woman/mother is an anchor for a family. Yes, the husband/father must be involved, the more the better. Yet, still, the mother is the mother. Having a family takes time and part of that falls solely on the woman. Sometimes things take longer for women and that is ok! We can have our cake and eat, albeit just eating a bit slower.

This Peterson video presentation is fabulous, and an important perspective to be heard by all, men and women alike. Maybe some people, both men and women, will listen to Peterson’s sound reasoning and wake up to reprioritizing their family life over their professional life.

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