The Most Hilarious (and Absurd) Thing a CNN Host Has Ever Said

by Phil Schneider

Don Lemon has made it a point whenever he speaks about Israel that Israel is always wrong. Don Lemon now says that CNN was never liberal. So, is CNN now changing? Will CNN begin to be a fair and balanced news network? Don’t hold your breath.

One of the first things that President Trump did even before he ran for President is that he spoke up about how biased the press is. He was characteristically blunt and rather coarse. But that was exactly what was needed in reference to CNN.

CNN has not been as much liberal as it has been a slanted organization that has strong anti-Israel and anti-right-wing biases. Will CNN get any better now that it has largely been discredited as a mouthpiece against the rightwing? It could. News organizations can shift.

But the main thing that is needed is not just a slant fix. What is needed – not only from CNN – is a return to the basics of journalism. What is needed is a return to reporting the news and a focus on truth – not on pushing a narrative – no matter what the facts may be.

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