The Most Disturbing Thing CNN Has Ever Said in History

by Phil Schneider

Is CNN trying to turn over a new leaf? Perhaps they are trying to make a move towards left of center. But they will need to make some very sweeping changes first. First of all, they need to stop the anti-Israel knee-jerk reaction whenever any major event occurs in Israel.

In the CNN mindset, Israel is ALWAYS the guilty party, no matter what the situation, no matter what the story. When an Arab attacks a Jew in Israel, there is “strife” reported between Jews and Arabs. When a terrorist throws a molotov cocktail at a Jewish driver, there is a violent dispute about Israeli-occupied territories. And when a Jewish mother and her two daughters are killed in cold blood driving to a vacation, CNN calls it a shootout instead of a blatant act of terror.

CNN has access to the facts everywhere and should disallow this kind of shabby reporting. True reporters know that what happened in Israel was in no way a shootout, but a premeditated terror attack against innocent unarmed civilians.

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