The Monty Python Sketch that Predicted Leftist Insanity 40 Years Ago

by Phil Schneider

40 years ago, this was insanity. Today, this is normal. Yes, this may seem completely absurd. But this is the reality in today’s day and age. Woke radical progressive ideology has swept through the Western world and is wreaking havoc on the minds of so many people – especially the young people on college campuses.

The ideologies of the radical left has become the norm in today’s world for so many young people. Bathrooms are now places that are no longer safe for people to walk in to. All definitions of right and wrong have been hijacked by feelings that are ALL legitimate. If a person feels like being a woman, they have the freedom to choose to be a woman. If a woman feels like being a man, they can choose to be a man. This is now the new norm for so many people. But, as few outside of Ben Shapiro and a few other brave people have pointed out, this is completely disconnected from reality. A man never has nor ever will give birth to a baby.

The breakdown of the family is just one of many of the horrible results of the radical ideologies that espouse a world based on moral relativism and no absolute rules of morality.

This all leads to one thing – chaos and a world that is one big mess. Will the Western world stand up and say enough is enough? These days, it seems more probable that Monty Python will become the norm rather than a serious warning as to how absurd things have developed over the last few decades.

Col. Kemp

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