The man whose father met Hitler face to face in 1934

by Leah Rosenberg

Adolf Hitler rose to power in 1933. Ronen Israelski’s father, a Holocaust survivor, met Hitler in the year 1934.

Meeting Hitler in 1934

It is fascinating to hear about Ronen Israelski’s journey of finding those who interacted with Adolf Hitler face to face. After growing up as the son of a Holocaust survivor and hearing the story of how his father met Hitler in 1934, Ronen wanted to find others who met Hitler.

It is frightening the way he tells of those who literally grew up with Hitler and do not regret the horrific things they did. How can they possibly still believe in the same ideology that murdered 6 million Jews and millions upon millions of other people?

But it is also amazing that those who decades ago acted so viciously regret their actions. The contrast between those people and the ones who still would do the exact same thing over again is a stark contrast.

Holocaust Education

This film gives more testimony to the Holocaust. There are those who want to say it didn’t happen. And yet this film meets those who actually knew Hitler personally and knew about all the atrocities. Maybe they even helped commit those crimes. And people are going to say the Holocaust never happened?

Ronen Israelski’s father was a Holocaust survivor. He met Hitler personally. Ronen lives to tell the story of his father and the history of the Holocaust. He might not be a survivor himself, but he grew up with stories that everyone needs to hear.


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