The Left Made One of the Biggest Mistakes in History

by Phil Schneider

“No evidence.” Once Donald Trump labeled the coronavirus as the China virus, the mass media went on a massive rampage to discredit the idea of a lab leak of the coronavirus. Today, nearly everybody accepts as fact that the coronavirus was created in the Wuhan Lab. Even the most respected scientific magazines marketed the idea that this virus jumped from the wet animal market into people. Time and again, we were told that the evidence was that it was a natural occurrence, and not a man-made virus.

The manipulation and testing of dangerous viruses over the last few decades has been something that is now becoming one of the most dangerous things that the world is dealing with. Gain of function research has become the most dangerous scientific exploration going on today, and the key person who has been involved in funding this is Dr. Fauci.

SARS is a virus that did indeed jump from a bat into the food chain of human beings. So, it actually was a reasonable mistake to initially assume that this coronavirus would be similar. But, today we know that this is simply not the case. For many months, the lab leak theory was completely dismissed despite the fact that everyone knew that the coronavirus definitely started in Wuhan and the Wuhan lab was doing gain of function research in the Wuhan Lab. Dr. Fauci was the main person dismissing the lab leak theory.

But the blind hatred of anything that had to do with Donald Trump drove masses – especially in the media – to dismiss the lab leak theory. We must understand that the media is filled with manipulators who are not driven to report the truth, but to push specific narratives. Next time anyone in the media mocks a specific viewpoint, don’t accept it as a fact at all.

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