Famous Jewish Musician Shares a Story That Will Leave You Speechless

by Leah Rosenberg

Eitan Katz is a very well-known Jewish musician. His tunes are inspiring. And when you hear the story behind this tune, you’ll be left in awe.

The Dream of a Famous Jewish Musician

There are no words for this story. It is unbelievable. The pain that this Jewish musician, Eitan Katz, felt for his people is inspiring. He felt so much pain that he was able to create a beautiful tune from that pain. G-d gave Eitan this tune in a dream. He blessed this famous Jewish musician with the ability to inspire others through music and song.

The story told here was such a tragic story. Everyone knew about Nava Applebaum and her father, Rabbi Dr. David Applebaum. Jews throughout the world were shocked. They felt the hurt. The Jewish nation is remarkable though. The way they feel for one another. The way they are truly all family.

And the way they respond to suffering. This Jewish musician responded with something beautiful. He responded with something that comforted others. Music is a beautiful way to process things in life. It’s a way to speak when words aren’t coming out.

Can you see the difference between the Jewish people and the enemy of the Jewish people? Jews love life. They love to create and to build worlds. They live to serve G-d and bring more holiness into the world. The enemy of the Jews is the opposite. They destroy worlds. They crave destruction.

May the nation of Israel and the world know of no more pain and suffering.

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