The Left is Furious that Mike Pompeo Said This About Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Mike Pompeo is one of Israel’s greatest supporters. He has shown his love for the Jewish state and isn’t afraid to share the truth.

Mike Pompeo and Israel

It should really not be controversial what Mike Pompeo said about Judea and Samaria and Israel. He is just speaking the truth. He knows that Israel belongs to the Jewish people and that the historical and Biblical connection cannot be broken. Pompeo is not afraid of what the world is going to say. He is not looking to be politically correct. He is looking to be honest. Pompeo seeks truth – which is not always common among politicians, sadly.

As the former US secretary of state said, “Israel is not an occupying nation.” Judea and Samaria is part of the Jewish homeland. And the Jewish homeland belongs to the Jewish people. He knows that Israel is a free country and that the Jews belong there. Mike Pompeo knows that there is no apartheid taking place in Israel. Israeli Arabs have rights in Israel just like Israeli Jews do.

Listening to Pompeo say these things is a breath of fresh air being that the US currently has an administration that has pressured and treated Israel in ways that are embarrassing coming from an ally like the United States. The Biden administration might not have Israel’s back, but you can always count on Mike Pompeo. People like him know history, the facts, and the entire truth. They get it. And they base policy off of truth.

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