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The Israeli Election Surprise That Shocked Obama


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Despite all of President Obama’s efforts and all the US taxpayer money he invested to have PM Netanyahu beaten at the ballot boxes, Obama failed. Israeli PM Netanyahu overcame it all and won the elections.

It’s NOW “official”, the US Senate has investigated and found out that Obama’s State Dept. gave hundreds of thousands of $ to have Bibi overthrown in the last Israeli elections!

That’s why we created this video, that went crazy viral, with the clear message that Bibi won and Obama lost! It was clear to us then that the election wasn’t Bibi vs. Herzog, it was Bibi vs. Obama!

Despite all of the efforts of Obama to interfere in the Israeli election process, Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party won big in the most recent Israeli election.

The Free World does indeed have a leader that understands how to deal with the quickly growing threat of Islamic terror. It’s time that more Western countries wake up before it’s too late.

Some of the stunning pictures of Israel in the video are from Images Through Time.