The Importance of Trump’s Speech is not about the 2024 Elections

by Avi Abelow

Many people have been asking me about my thoughts on Trump’s speech the other night.

Here are my thoughts.

Honestly, I don’t care whether Trump will be president again or not.

Something huge is going on and Trump has been at the center of it and continued to be at the center, but he is not the real story.

The central story is understanding that an unbelievable wake-up process is taking place in humanity, waking up more people day by day to the unbelievable evil that has been controlling our lives and trying to eradicate belief in HaShem from all of our lives.

Let me walk you through some of the major steps in this wake-up process.

This wake-up process began with a four plus year full court media assault on Trump, a man who was trying to help all Americans and end all US involvement in global wars. At the same time, the American media supported and applauded destructive forces like the Black Lives Matter riots across America and the creeping progressive gender/transgender agenda that was destroying kids, families, communities, via schools and universities.

The wake-up process continued with the 2020 elections. Whether you believe the elections were stolen or not, a lot of funny business took place in a number of key swing states with early voting, mail in ballots, no IDs necessary, counting irregularities etc. that woke up a lot of people to realize that they have no trust in the election process.

Then more people woke up with the peaceful Jan 6th event that the establishment media has coined an “insurrection”. It was regular Joe-shmoe Americans going to voice their anger against the election irregularities, infiltrated by Antifa, with police letting people into the Capital building, all orchestrated to make Trump and Trump supporters look bad. It was a horrible false flag event that has yet to be properly investigated. But, it woke up more people to the corruption of government.

Then more people woke up after learning that the Department of Justice DOJ officially labeled parents, at local school board meetings, “demotic terrorists” for standing up against the despicable trans agenda with literal pornographic materials in the classrooms.

Then more people woke up due to the totalitarian China-like society imposed upon all of us, around the world, due to a scare of a virus, that was created in a Chinese lab with US money, with key US officials having parents both for the man-made created virus and the “solution” shot, all while this virus has an extremely high survival rate and existing medical treatments, that were delegitimized.

Yup, that insanity woke up even more people to the corruption within all of our governments and medical systems.

Then more people woke up do the insanity of the war in Ukraine, with most people not understanding why the US has given over $99 billion to Ukraine, a country with obvious corrupt ties to top US officials like President Biden himself, all stories shut down by the media.

Bottom line, more people today are awake to the absolute corruption of the systems we have trusted, whether government, medical, education etc and they are no longer being silent about it. They way change!

This wake-up process has energized more people than ever before to become active and vocal in standing up to these systematic corruptions in our societies.

Whether people like it or not, Trump is the face to this wake-up process, because in his own brazen, non-politically-correct, way he is one of the only US leaders who has called out the absolute corruption and evil that surrounds our lives, yet is hidden from us by the “fourth pillar of democracy”, the media.

In Trump’s speech the other night he explicitly said “we will be resisted by the combined forces of the establishment, the media, special interests, the globalists, the Marxist radicals, the woke corporations, the weaponized power of the Federal government, colossal political machines, the tidal wave of dark money and the most dangerous censorship system ever created by man or woman.”

Yup, that says it all. We are up against tremendous evil trying to take away our G-d given rights and liberties, and Trump is the US leader who best represents taking on this evil Goliath. And they know it.

One thing sticks out to me from Trump’s speech last night. He spoke about stolen elections and voter fraud without focusing on it. He knows the elections are rigged, and that winning in 2024 is futile if election reforms are not made to ensure that all legal votes, and only legal votes, are counted.

Either he thinks he will have enough information from the 2020 and 2022 elections to expose the whole election fraud before the 2024 elections, or more will be exposed, with another stolen election in 2024 as well, waking up even more people.

The bottom line is that it makes no difference if Trump wins in 2024.

I know that the one above is running the show and somehow the evil, anti-HaShem agenda will lose (of destroying morality via the gender/transgender agenda, and of destroying our freedoms).

I don’t know how or when, and I’m just focusing on enjoying watching the wake up process of fellow humans, even though it is going excruciatingly slow and frustrating for us all who are already awake to what is going on.

We all need to become like the Brazilians, out protesting in the millions, to the corruption that has taken over our lives.

But my personal focus remains positive, helping strengthen people’s faith in the above to focus on the process and less on wanting to see the end of this evil insanity around us.

And by the way, as a final anecdote to this whole topic, did anyone notice that before Trump’s speech it looked like NATO was about to launch World War III against Russia in response to Russian missiles allegedly hitting Poland and killing two Polish citizens, whereas after Trump’s speech it was revealed that it was actually Ukrainian rockets that killed the two Polish people and the war was averted?

You must admit that that was an interesting quick turn of events that exactly coincided with the speech of a leader that the corrupt powers of the world want to stop, and even more interesting that both former Presidents Bush and Obama planned to counter with speeches at separate disinformation conferences planned immediately after Trump’s speech to counter his “disinformation”. It’s as if there was a fear of Trump saying things that he didn’t end up saying.

Just more food for thought.

What do I know. I just have a basic mistrust of government, and easily compromised politicians who are always conspiring to make government bigger and more powerful, taking away more rights and liberties from law-abiding citizens.

How ironic, that the one leader in the freedom-loving world, Trump, who we are all told to hate 24/7 by the establishment media, happens to be one who is independently wealthy, hence, less compromised, and an experienced, strong defender of the people, whose aim is to drain the swamp and empower the people.

Regardless, it’s not about Trump and it never has been about Trump. It’s about humanity waking up, stopping to blindly trust the systems that control our lives, placing blind trust only in the one above and being more proactive in making a better world for our families and communities based on truth and true values, not on the lies and immorality pushed upon us by the systems that most influence our lives today.

The future is bright! The question is, are you seeing the light???

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