The Illegal Migrants Time-Bomb Created by Israel’s Justice System

by Avi Abelow

The article below includes a full list of Supreme Court decisions that created this situation with the illegal Africal migrants in Israel.

As if not enough hypocrisy of the justice system has been exposed proving the dire need for judicial reform, now we have more proof of the tremendous damage our judicial dictatorship has inflicted upon Israel. After years of annulling every single law proposed to deal with the illegal African migrants, the illegal African migrants today in Tel Aviv went on a public rampage destroying store shops, cars, harming police officers etc.

The Knesset passed a number of laws to have them deported over the years, including to financially incentivize them to leave on their own, and all sorts of other solutions, but the anti-law minded Supreme Court justices, actually driven by progressive ideology and weakening the Jewish character of the State of Israel, annulled every single one of those laws, including the latest one just last month.

The massive illegal migration only ended because Netanyahu built a wall on the Egyptian border. The justice system also tried hard to stop that wall from being built!!! Nothing to do with the law and everything to do with actively allowing the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel via illegal migration.

The biggest victims in South Tel Aviv from this insane judicial dictatorship? The Jewish residents of Tel Aviv who have been left defenseless in a violent neighborhood with nightly rapes, including elderly women!, harassment and burglaries. But the justice system never cared about their lives, so don’t believe the lie that the Supreme Court looks after the needs of the weak and unprotected.

Netanyahu will now have a meeting tomorrow to discuss what to do to deal with these illegal migrants who rioted tonight, proof of the ultimate corruption of the Israeli judicial system. One suggestion is to expel them, as they deserve according to the law (they did enter the context illegally for economic reasons!) but don’t count on it. The unjust, progressive judicial system and Supreme Court most probably won’t allow it.

And the biggest joke, some of these illegal migrants were waving Israeli flags. Reminder of another protest movement that is abusing the flag for pr reasons…

Don’t worry, all this hypocrisy getting exposed is good!!! It’s all part of the process to expose the facade of the “enlightened”, “moral” stance of the camp that is protecting the judicial system from any change. The changes will happen over time, even though not as soon as we need them to happen.

It’s all good!!! Shavua Tov!!!

List of Israeli Supreme Court Decisions that Annulled Israeli Government Decisions/Laws to Solve the Illegal Migrant Issue

This list, and following commentary was posted in Hebrew on Twitter by Erez Tadmor. It has been translated by Google Translate, so forgive any mistranslations.

2006 – The High Court of Justice prohibits keeping infiltrators in residential facilities by virtue of existing laws and opens the country’s gates wide to tens of thousands of illegal infiltrators.

2009 – The state surrenders and is deterred by petitions to the High Court and undertakes before the court not to enforce the ban on employing infiltrators.

2012 – The Knesset enacts an amendment to the law to prevent infiltration and allows incarceration for three years in a hospital facility for infiltrators against whom a deportation order has been issued.

September 2013 – The panel of 9 judges unanimously invalidated the clause that allows an infiltrator who has been issued a deportation order to be held in custody for three years.

December 2013 – The Knesset enacts another amendment to the law to prevent infiltration that allows for the incarceration of infiltrators for a year in the Saharonim facility, after which they will be transferred to the Holot facility, a semi-open facility. The law proved to be extremely effective and within three months over 4,000 infiltrators voluntarily left Israel.

September 2014 – The High Court of Justice rules that the amendment to the law is unconstitutional and annulled most of it.

December 2014 – The Knesset re-enacts the law to prevent infiltration and stipulates confinement for only three months in the Saharonim facility, followed by a 20-month stay in the half-open Holot facility.

August 2015 – The High Court of Justice rejects for the third time the amendment to the law to prevent infiltration into Israel and states that the maximum period of incarceration should be 12 months at most.

April 2020 – The High Court of Justice cancels the section in the deposit law that requires employers of infiltrators to deposit 20 percent of their salary in an interest-bearing bank account until they leave Israel.

(Thanks to Attorney Yonatan Yaakovovitz from the Center for Israeli Immigration Policy for the concentration of the data and the holy work he has been doing on the subject for over a decade).

For a decade and a half, the right wing has been warning that the promiscuous immigration policy led by the judicial system is creating a strategic problem for generations and leading to a disaster that will explode in all of our faces. A position that, contrary to the distribution of power in the Knesset, wins a huge majority in the Israeli public.

For a decade and a half, the legal system has trampled the Knesset and the government and deprived them of any effective tool to combat the phenomenon of illegal infiltrators.

Apart from the invalidation of the laws by the supreme judges, the legal advisors and judges in lower courts lead a permissive policy that accepts almost every claim, no matter how unfounded and weak, of asylum seekers and opens the country’s gates wide.

Today, Josh Breiner of Haaretz opened his report from South Tel Aviv with the following unimaginable sentence: “It’s hard to believe, but these things are happening right now in South Tel Aviv.”
hard to believe?!?

Who exactly is hard to believe?

If Josh Breiner would bother to get out of the bubble and the movie he was living in, he would find out that 80 percent of the public understands and has been warning for years that the promiscuous immigration policies of the Supreme Court justices will blow up in all of our faces. Anyone with eyes in their head knew it was only a matter of time. But this morning Josh could hardly believe his eyes.

So here’s another free tip for the Josh Brainers among us: the events today in Tel Aviv aren’t even the first course. We are all going to pay compound interest for the lawlessness that the justice system has led here for the past 15 years.

And another word to the demagogues on the left who want to blame Netanyahu for the problem of infiltrators because he canceled the order to expel the infiltrators from 2018. Well not only would the settlement not have solved the problem of the infiltrators, it would have made the problem worse.

Indeed, it would have led to the removal of 16,000 infiltrators, but the settlement would have led to the permanent admission of twice that number, leading to the reunification of tens of thousands of infiltrators’ families and in fact conveying a devastating message that would have created an incentive for renewed infiltration into Israel.
Netanyahu did well to listen to the warnings of Yonatan Yaakovovitz, Shafi Paz and the people of the neighborhoods who opposed the settlement.

To summarize: the arrangement in which the High Court of Justice and the jurists take upon themselves the authority to invalidate every step, law and government policy but bear no responsibility for their rulings is an anti-democratic, anti-moral and dangerous distortion.

There are no infiltrators in the neighborhoods where the supreme judges live and they will be the last to pay the price of their promiscuous policies.

One of the central principles in a democratic regime is the attachment of authority to responsibility.
If the Knesset is the sovereign and has the final decision-making authority, as it should be in a reformed democracy, then the Knesset and the government it elected bear the responsibility.

If the Supreme Court is the final decision-making authority, and has the authority to invalidate any policy, law or basic law because the judges feel like it, then the Supreme Court is the sovereign and therefore bears the responsibility.

The justified claim against the government and the Knesset on this issue is one: you must stand up to the judicial system, return it to its natural size and once again be the sovereign that determines the policy of immigration, entry and stay in Israel.

To this end, a reform is needed that will restore democracy and restore the balance that was broken between the authorities. But this reform was stopped because the left is ready to burn down the country, crush the IDF, harm the operational competence of squadrons and special intelligence units, harm the economy and threaten a rift in the nation and fratricidal war in order to preserve the excessive and unrestrained power of the jurists.

And here’s another tip, for free, to the shocked leftists who continue to support the unprecedented and anti-democratic power that the supreme judges have usurped: the issue of infiltrators is just one issue from which we got a taste today of the consequences of the promiscuous policies that the judges are leading.

If we don’t return the jurists to their natural size and return the governing ability to the Knesset and the government, we will receive in the coming years a long series of catastrophes and disasters by the jurists that will explode in all of our faces – in the Yosh, the Negev, the Galilee and the cities involved.

Those who oppose reform lead us directly and inevitably to these disasters.

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