The IDF soldiers who are saving Israel from the media

by Leah Rosenberg

IDF soldiers don’t only fight physical battles. They fight the media battle. It’s so important that commanders have been trained.

IDF Soldiers Fight the Media Battle

The physical battle is extremely important. IDF soldiers must protect Israel’s physical borders. Of course, G-d protects Israel, but He sends His messengers. Israel must put in the effort to protect itself as well.

What is also important, though, is defending Israel’s image to the world. So many lies circulate the media these days, and sometimes, there is no one to defend Israel’s image. It is so important for Israel to be defended to the world that IDF commanders have been trained to do it. Defending Israel on the media front is an extremely important task. Lies circulate the world about the Jewish state. Absurd and ridiculous lies. People have no idea what Israel even looks like. They have never been there, yet they make assumptions about life there and how people are treated.

There are organizations whose goal it is to destroy Israel’s public image. So then it makes sense that there are those whose goal it is to rebuild Israel’s public image. Especially since today’s world is so intertwined with social media, Israel must be able to keep up with the times. They have to be creative sometimes when they are trying to get the point across.

Too much of the world thinks that Israel is not a legitimate country. They think Israel has no right to exist. But Israel has every right to exist – Biblically, historically, legally. And hopefully, now more people will realize that.

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