The Democrats are “China apologists,” and here’s the proof

by Phil Schneider

Is Mike Pompeo right about the Chinese threat? Will Donald Trump’s vision of the China threat dominate the foreign policy of the United States and other Western countries in the following decades? All indications now seem to verify this.

Ric Grenell argues that the Democrat Party in the United States is filled with China apologists. Why is that the case? Unfortunately, the main answer comes down to money and influence. The Chinese Communist Party has enormous amounts of cash. They have been using the cash over the last few decades to buy influence within the United States – especially in Universities with major research laboratories.

China may not be threatening the United States with their military today or not even over the next few years. But if the United States buries it’s head in a foreign policy that does not address the massive trade imbalance with China and the growing dependence that the Western world has on China, it is just a matter of time till the west has a rude awakening. The coronavirus pandemic did indeed stem from China. But the more serious rude awakening came from the realization that the Chinese government actually profited enormously from allowing the virus to spread across the entire world. One day, most of the world woke up and realized that the supply chain for most of the vital medical supplies that we need to fight the virus are Made in China. So too, nearly all of the pharmaceutical industry is dominated by China.

It is time to stop explaining away the Chinese threat. We need to address and fight the imbalance as a unified country. This should not be a partisan issue.


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