The humane way to solve the problem of “Palestinian refugees”

by Leah Rosenberg

There are many Palestinian Refugees, there are refugees from all over the World, looking for a different place to live. Many have sought out countries in Europe for help.


Palestine was the name given to the area of land, that we know today as Israel. The name is from ancient Roman times, Palaestina. The land is in a strategic location, both for Egypt, Syria, and Arabia. It has been the crossroads for religion, culture, commerce, and politics. The region has been controlled by numerous amounts of people. From the Egyptians to the Israelites, Greek to Rome, the Babylonians, the Ottomans, the British and now the Israelis.

Palestinian Refugees

Palestinian refugees not only refer to Arabs but to Jews as well. After all it was the region that was called Palestine, not the people. Refugees came about after the War of Independence in 1948, when Arabs and Jews alike were forced out of their homes and lost their livelihood.

Countries such as Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria, told Arabs living in Israel to leave. They were told the State of Israel would not last a week and soon they would be back in their homes. 70 years later the State of Israel is still standing and going strong.

After 1967, when Israel captured the Golan Heights and Judea and Samaria more Arabs fled to surrounding countries. Jordan could not cope with the population increase and up to this day, there are people living in refugee camps. Whereas the Arabs who stayed in Judea and Samaria have some sort of citizenship in Israel. Many refugees in Jordan do not have the same rights as a citizen.


Many refugees have left the middle east and are trying to gain citizenship in countries across Europe. The refugees that are seeking shelter in Europe are trying to escape conflict and are looking for a better life. They require basic humanitarian assistance, such as the provision of clean water, health care, emergency shelter, and legal aid.

The European Union have set up Emergency Support for those countries accepting refugees. Countries such as Greece, were overwhelmed by the amount of refugees they accepted and needed financial help supporting them.

Great video by Israeli actor and journalist Harel Noff.

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