The Holocaust Survival Story that Teaches Something Remarkable about Life Itself

by Leah Rosenberg

Every survivor has a different Holocaust survival story. Some can point to one moment that helped them through.

A Holocaust Survival Story that the World Needs to Hear

Holocaust survivors are sometimes asked how they survived; what gave them the strength to carry on in the death camps. How did they manage to hang on to anything in the Nazi Hell hole? This Holocaust survival story is unbelievable. It teaches all those who are willing to listen a message about life itself. It teaches us how to live fulfilling, happy lives.

Life is not about how we can help ourselves. In a world where so many focus on “me, me, me,” Judaism teaches to focus on the other. We end up being much happier and more fulfilled people by focusing on others.

The Holocaust survivor in this story felt that he was able to survive and find the strength to carry through because he learned that lesson about “warming others” at the very beginning of the fight for his life in the Holocaust. He realized the power of giving to others even when he himself did not have anything to give. If he found the strength while nearly freezing to death without food and water, we can all dig a little deeper for even a small amount of strength to help others when it seems impossible.

If people truly take to heart how powerful that lesson is, their lives can be transformed. It is life-changing. Life-saving. And it not only brings more light to ourselves and the ones whom we help, but it also brings more light to the entire world.

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