The History Of The Building Of Tel Aviv

by Phil Schneider

It is hard to believe that Tel-Aviv was nothing more than sand dunes a mere 110 years ago. The new city was built next to the ancient city of Jaffa on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

This documentary is filled with footage from before the State of Israel was founded and from the time soon after the formation of the State of Israel. There are more camels than cars in this video.

It is simply astounding to think how this modern city that has become known as the heart of the Start-Up Nation has developed so rapidly. The soldiers in this video are British soldiers. There was not yet an Israeli Army. It was before World War II.

What is fascinating is how the entire Jewish city is termed “Palestine.” The idea of “Palestine” was actually commonly used to refer to the area where Jews largely lived. Arabs did not refer to themselves at all as “Palestinians.” Neither did Jews. But the area was called Palestine by the British.

What an amazing blast from the past.

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