The ex-Muslims who risked their lives to speak out

by Avi Abelow

It is very interesting and important to hear these ex-Muslims speak out. They don’t bash Islam, but they do speak out against them being silenced.

A Political Culture

I write a lot about the evils that exist within Islam. For those who truly study Islam, they understand that Islam is not a religion, but a culture, a political culture. It is an all-encompassing lifestyle for humanity, not just for individuals. The goal of Islam is to rule the world under an Islamic Caliphate.  That is why all infidels (non-Muslims) are either supposed to be killed or subjugated and treated as second-class citizens.  In a sense, they would need to bow down to Islam.


This video is not about any of that. This video is a very real and raw expression of the thoughts and frustrations of ex-Muslims. They would like people to hear and understand them.

According to Islam, one who leaves the religion is punishable by death. Therefore, not only are they not accepted by their old coreligionists, but they are threatened and silenced.

The True Face of Islam

The other interesting thing about this video is that the interviewer himself is a Muslim vlogger who travels around trying to show the “true” face of Islam, so that people will learn to not fear it.

Yes, it’s true, there are many cool, hip, good Muslims out there. But the fear of Islam is real. With billions of Muslims in the world, hundreds of thousands believe in jihad, killing the infidel and replacing Western law with Islamic Shariah law. Yes, every single freedom loving person should be very afraid of Islam. But not necessarily afraid of every Muslim.

Still, it is quite eye-opening that this Muslim vlogger, on a mission to educate people to stop fearing Islam, interviews some ex-Muslims as well.

As I always say, not all Muslims are bad, but the evil of global jihad against infidels exists in Islam, with hundreds of millions of Muslims who do believe in that evil.

Online Censorship
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