The dangers of Islamic scriptures have been exposed

by Phil Schneider

How dangerous is Shariah Law?  Well, here is a clear translation of some Islamic scriptures of the leaders of Iran.  This is not ancient scripture, and was published by Imam Humeini.

Please see the instructions on how to get married according to Shariah Law.

The basic idea of Shariah Law on this is for men and women to stay very far away from each other.  This is not necessarily such a horrible idea.

It’s all in the translation

I’m not quite sure that this video convinced me of anything horrible according to Shariah Law.  First off, I don’t know Arabic.  So, it is unclear to me how accurate the translation is in this video.  The video claims that child rape is what the author of the book supports.  Perhaps the idea is to not advocate these horrible things, but to warn people from doing anything like it.

Punishment for non-believers

What is bothersome is the quick punishment for those who do not subscribe to the law of Shariah.  It is time that right-wingers or left-wingers all join together to appreciate one very important tenet of liberalism – live and let live.

Yes, we should all allow everyone to do whatever they want on a religious level as long as they don’t impede others.  This needs to be said in today’s day and age.  We cannot take for granted the way of life that we have in the Western World.

It is under attack.



Arab Incitement
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