Malaysian prime minister’s shameless anti-Semitism

by Phil Schneider

The Malaysian Prime Minister  finds it humorous that he has been labeled a “proud anti-semite.”  He thinks that Jews are “a source of problems to the world.”  These are just “nasty things” that he says, and he does not retract anything.  Also, the Jews have “hooked noses and are good with money.”

Holocaust Details

This man claims that if someone claims that there are only 4 million who were killed in the Holocaust and not 6 million, then that gets them labeled as an anti-semite. Well, that is correct.  Anyone who thinks that 2 million dead Jewish people is a minor detail is an anti-semite.  And yes, anyone who has the gall to ignore the enormity of the Holocaust is an anti-semite.  If the Jewish people are super-sensitive about the Holocaust, well that’s downright reasonable. They should be.  That is one of the numerous lessons of the Holocaust.  The Jewish people need to take care of themselves and not rely on anyone – especially people like this.

When did problems start in the Middle East?

Here’s another dandy from the Prime Minister: “The problem in the Middle East began with the creation of the State of Israel.”  Well, not only is that not true.  It is wrong in around 3 major ways.  The Jewish people have been persecuted for centuries in the Middle East in around ten Arab countries.  The only difference that the State of Israel brought about was that the Jewish people were no longer able to be persecuted at any whim of Arab masses.  The Jewish people learned to shoot and how to fight back – as a nation.

We’re not going anywhere

This bothers people like the Malaysian Prime Minister.  That’s good.  It is time that all of the leaders of the world accept that the State of Israel is here for good.  And so is the Israeli Army.  The time is over when the Jewish people’s safety will be a question mark and non-Jewish rulers decide their fate.  If a strong Jewish army bothers some Malaysians, then we’ll deal with that.  It’s much better than the alternative.


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