The Coming Clash Between Bibi And Biden

by David Mark

With the incoming Israeli government taking shape, there is a clear potential for a clash between President Joe Biden and PM Bibi Netanyahu.

Israel’s soon to be formed coalition ranks as the most rightwing-religious coalition in the Jewish State’s history. It marks a complete break with center or left policies and world views. Given the demographic changes in Israel, this shift appears to be permanent.

The USA on the other hand, is moving in the other direction. The multi-generational exposure to extreme leftist and woke ideology has taken its toll. This fuels the the American administration’s view that Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria is illegal. More than that, culturally the two countries are diverging.

The Iranian Issue

Perhaps, the greatest point of conflict maybe Bibi’s drive to take out Iran’s nuclear program no matter if the USA is with them or not. Biden’s team will try to undermine this, but the attack is coming.

With the Biden administration threatening to boycott members of the Israeli coalition – the clash is coming.

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